013601 NEW 2 WAY GEL 120G
013601 NEW 2 WAY GEL 120G
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013601 NEW 2 WAY GEL 120G

This gel mask naturally heats up the skin to promote skin metabolism and clean clogged pores. Leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturized. – 120G
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Thermal effect exquisitely massages your skin, clearing clogged pores and removing dead skin cells. Skin is radiantly moisturized and glows with increased metabolism and blood circulation. It leaves fatigue skin refreshed, removing aged keratose and impurities in the pores while retaining skin moisture.

<How to Use>

After washing, squeeze about 5cm of 2 Way Gel onto palm and apply lightly onto face. Massage along the flow of facial muscles. Wash away after 2-3 minutes with cold or lukewarm water. Recommended for any skin type and clogged pores.