009208 UV CUT MILK 50+C
009208 UV CUT MILK 50+C
009208 UV CUT MILK 50+C
009208 UV CUT MILK 50+C
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009208 UV CUT MILK 50+C

A waterproof sunscreen that can be used all over the body.
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Strong against water! Reliable UV protection power for the whole body.

Strongest SPF/PA *1 ! Protects your skin from strong UV rays during leisure activities under the scorching sun or marine sports. Contains a rich serum ingredient that blends naturally without leaving a white cast, leaving your skin moist and smooth. It is a milk type that is water resistant and spreads easily, so it can be used not only on the face but also on the whole body.

30mL (sunscreen) SPF50+/PA++++ UV water resistant★★ Unscented

*When using sunscreen and makeup base together, use in the order of sunscreen → makeup base → foundation.
*Please remove with cleansing after use.

*1 Japan's highest display standard value
*UV water resistance indicates that the SPF effect does not easily deteriorate even if it gets wet. The higher the number of ★, the higher the water resistance.