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Squalane SP

90 pcs.: Weight of capsules 28.8g (320mg×90)
Contents 18g(200mg×90)

Shelf Life / 2 years

Allergic substance : Gelatin


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Only 1 capsule has the power equivalent to 5 pcs. of Junkai, HABA’s original Squalene drops sold till 2014.
In addition to the highest quality of 99.9% purity Squalene, two ingredients are added to enhance the effect to keep the youth and beauty : 1> β-carotene, the precursor of Vitamin A, known as the moisturizing Vitamin, 2> Tocotrienol, a kind of Vitamin E, known as the rejuvenating Vitamin.
Small sized capsule is easy to intake even for elders. The reasonable price is good to keep intake for long.

Recommended for:
For those who want to keep youth and beauty
For those who want to keep moisture
For those who want to have active life
For those who drink often


HABA uses the highest purified to 99.9%, the best quality Squalene. It presents in various organs and tissues of human body, which is isoprene compound human generally has and works as antioxidation against lipid inside body.

Squalene is synthesized at liver and skin tissues mainly. Cholesterol, bile acid, male hormone, female hormone, adrenal cortex hormone and vitamin D3 are produced from squalene. Squalene” is source of these vital things.

A part of squalane becomes hydrogenated -“Squalane” in the process of being secreted as sebum, and forms moisture barriers after being secreted into the surface of sebum through sebaceous glands together with others.
After 25 years old, squalene in sebum decreases gradually and starts skin aging, which causes lack of moisture.
Squalene has been known by its superb effect to help liver function from ancient times.

A kind of Vitaimin E, called as Super Vitamin E as it has a superior function than Tocopherol. The ingredient is taken from rice bran, the lipid part of rice germ (family : Poaceae). It penetrates into cell membrane easily. 40- 60 times greater effect than Tocopherol has been recognized.

The ingredient contained in blight colored vegetables such as carrot, pumpkin and spinach. It changes into Vitamin A within human body. Vitamin A is called as the moisturizing Vitamin, as it gives moisture to skin, hair and membrane.

<Intake Volume per day>

1 capsule per day


This product contains an allergic substance, Gelatin.
If you have a problem with this, please stop using.
If you have any food allergy, please confirm the ingredients.
Please consume this immediately after opening.
Keep out of reach of children.
Some products may have slight color differences, but it would not affect the quality.

Store in a dark and cool place avoiding direct sunlight and high humidity and high temperature.

Additional information

Weight 54 g

30 pcs, 90 pcs

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Ingredients/Nutritional information in 1 capsule(320mg)
Energy      2kcal
Protein        0.1g
Lipid        0.2g
Carbonhydrate    0.02g
Sodium       0.2mg
β-Caroten       50㎍
Squalene      200mg
Tocotrienol    600㎍