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UV Cut Mist

Does not require makeup remover. Can be removed with only soap and water
Shake the bottle well before use, hold about 15 cm away from the skin and spray. Gently massage with palms. 
Protects you from sun exposure. SPF 20/PA++ 80ml 


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HABA’s first clear lotion sunscreen without UV absorbents.
Works well over makeup without making the skin look white. This fresh-feeling mist turns greasy summer skin silky dry to the touch.
Just spray the mist lotion on any time you need to protect your skin from UV rays. Can be used over face, hair – the entire body! Easily removed with soap after use.
Contains Vitamin C for treating UV damage, and aloe extract to soothe the redness caused by the sun.

<How to Use>

Shake the bottle well before use, hold about 15ml away from the skin and spray. Gently massage with palms.


Cerium oxide (ceria, nanoceria):
This new ultraviolet scattering agent used for cosmetic products has increased skin safety. The particles of its mineral ingredient, cerium oxide, or ceria, have been decreased to nanosize and coated with platinum. This helps prevent oxidation of the particles so that the stability of the ingredient is enhanced.
Since this agent does not have the nature of pigment (such as shielding effect of makeup), which pigments such as titanium oxide have, your skin never becomes powdery. It extensively shields against various types of ultraviolet rays (UVA (including longwave UVA) and UVB).

A new ultraviolet scattering agent used for cosmetic products. Surface treatment of nanoceria particles with platinum thoroughly inhibits oxidation and enables the nanoceria to maintain superb dispersibility. Unlike other UV scattering agents, it is very safe and does not become powdery or greasy.


Shake the bottle well before each use.
Close your eyes when spraying directly over the face to avoid contact with eyes.
Do not spray over clothes



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