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Squalane Warming Bath Salt


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Soaking in a Dead Sea salt bath warms your body to promote sweating and fat burning. Your body is thoroughly moisturized after coming out of the bath.
A benefit of Dead Sea salt is the stimulation of ample perspiration to detoxify your body, relieving skin dullness and body swelling. Mineral-rich Dead Sea salt also exfoliates and softens rough skin on the knees and elbows to make your whole body smooth.
Hot yuzu cinnamon extract warms a cold body and burns fat, slimming down your body.
Ceramides and squalane formulated in the bath salt moisturize the whole body to protect against dry winter weather and make your body smooth.
A slightly sweet, soft scent of lavender and petitgrain (bitter orange) relaxes your body, melting away fatigue and stress to induce sound sleep.


Dead Sea salt:
The bath salt is made from Dead Sea water, which has a salt concentration of over 30%. Comparatively, ordinary ocean water has a salt concentration of only 3%. The Dead Sea salt contains a wide variety and number of minerals which are carried by the river flowing into the Dead Sea, a salt lake. The abundance of minerals promotes blood circulation, improves excessive sensitivity to cold, and moisturizes skin by softening keratin.

Hot yuzu cinnamon extract (citrus junos fruit extract, cinnamon oil):
“Limonene,” contained in yuzu, forms a skin moisturizing barrier to retain moisture by warming skin. It also promotes turnover to make skin smooth and even-textured.

Cinnamon, which is known as “cassia bark” in Chinese medicine, has various medical effects. It warms the body from inside to alleviate abdominal and joint pain caused by a cold constitution. It is also noted for enhancing digestive functions by warming the gastrointestinal tract which boosts the pancreatic function.

<How to Use>

Pour one-third of a cap of bath salt in a bathtub filled with warm water (approximately 200 L) and swirl the water well to dissolve the salt. Make sure to fill the tub with warm water first. Do not rub the salt directly against the skin. Drinking water before bathing promotes more perspiration. After bathing, wash sweat away with a shower and drink plenty of water.


Contains no sulfur which may cause damage to a bath tub or boiler.
Do not use in an artificial marble tub or 24-hour circulation bath.
Do not use leftover bath water in a washing machine.
Leaving leftover water in the tub for a long period of time may cause a gritty feel on the bottom of the tub, or white stain around the tub. If this occurs, completely rise off the residue with plenty of water.
Rinse the tub promptly after draining bath water.
Thoroughly wash the boiler and circulation adapter filter with water after using bath salt.
Use exclusively for bathing purposes.

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