Additive-free skincare from Japan


Volume: 100g

Size: φ3.5㎝ x 17.5㎝

Material: PP (Cap)
PE (Tube)

pH: 8.5~10.5

Fragrance: Rose


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A gorgeous rose fragrance has been added to our standard SQUA FACIAL FOAM.
Creamy, dense foam exfoliates sebum and dead skin cells for a smooth and moisturized skin
Formulated with “rosa damascena flower oil,” the extremely rare essence extracted from damask rose. Its relaxing fragrance fills the air every time you lather.

<How to Use>

Squeeze out 1-2 cm of the product on the palm and lather with water or lukewarm water. Wash your face gently with the foam.


Watch for skin irritation while using this product.
If any of the following symptoms occur, stop using immediately. Continued use of the product may aggravate symptoms. It is recommended you consult a dermatologist:
1. If you experience reddish skin, swelling, itching, stinging sensation, discoloration (vitiligo), darkening of skin, or any other skin problems.
2. If any of the symptoms described above occur on the skin after the product is applied and then exposed to direct sunlight.
Do not use over areas where there is a wound, swelling, rash, or other abnormality.
Rinse immediately if the product gets into the eyes.
Color and fragrance may slightly differ between products because of the natural essential oils. This does not affect product quality.

<Handling and Storage Precautions>

Close the cap firmly after use.
Keep out of reach of infants and children.
Do not expose to direct sunlight, or store in areas of extremely low or high temperatures.
Use up within 1 year after opening.

Discard 1 year after opening.

Additional information

Weight 128 g