Additive-free skincare from Japan

Revitalizing Moisture Mask

Net Weight : 5 sheets in a box

Serum : 22mL

Size(box) :133mm×147mm×16mm

Mask(non-woven) : PP, Rayon, PET

Plastic pouch:PET, AL, CPP

p H :5.7~7.2


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Addresses existing wrinkles and sagging skin and prevents wrinkle formation.
This ageing care mask achieves long-lasting, younger-looking skin.
It provides elasticity and moisture to plump up skin from inside. It tightens the skin surface and lifts a sagging face line.
Nanosized (1/10,000 mm) capsules containing an abundance of serum ingredients and “3D collagen”, which provides lift to skin, thoroughly take care of skin from the inside and outside.

【Care from inside the skin】
・Nanosized capsules contain 4 different types of beauty ingredients (marine collagen, marine placenta, marine elastin and Porphyra yezoensis extract) for skin resilience and “Alteromonas ferment extract” for smooth skin.
・These ingredients penetrate deep into the stratum corneum to provide resilience and deep moisture from inside the skin.

【Care for the skin surface】
・Formulated with “cross net collagen,” which lifts the skin surface with its fine net structure. You can experience a firmed-up skin surface as soon as the mask is removed. It provides immediate care to make fine lines invisible.

Soy isoflavone, which works like estrogen, a female hormone, prevents skin ageing. Also, chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract, containing TA (transit amplifying) stem cells, generates multitudes of epidermal cells which become a source of new skin to prevent skin ageing.
Ficus carica (fig) fruit extract resets daytime skin damage and retunes the skin’s circadian clock.
Caffeine burns fat and reduces swelling to create a toned face line.
Vitamin P improves skin blood flow and generates synergy effects with other serum ingredients.
The shape of the mask is designed to physically lift the face line to eliminate sagging skin and nasolabial folds for a youthful appearance.


Soy isoflavone (Display name: glycine soja (soybean) seed extract):
This ingredient has a chemical structure similar to that of estrogen, a female hormone. Because of this, it exerts a female hormone-like action to support female body functions which decreases with age. It has beneficial effects on physiological ageing, UV protection (photo-ageing, wrinkles and pigmentation), skin whitening, acne and wrinkles.

Chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract:
TA stem cells contained in chamomilla recutita flower extract generate multitudes of epidermal cells, which are a source of new skin. The prevention of ageing by TA stem cells and the generation of vital epidermal cells can have a greater and more positive impact on skin ageing than traditional cell proliferation.

Ficus carica (fig) fruit extract:
The skin’s circadian clock is vulnerable to even the artificial lighting of PCs and smartphones. This ingredient readjusts the circadian rhythm to promote proper beauty sleep. It creates an optimal environment for skin by restoring normal nightly sleep habits.

Caffeine is effective in fat burning, relieving swelling, boosting metabolism and firming skin.

Vitamin P (Display name: Glucosyl hesperidin):
This ingredient can reduce neutral fat, and be effective in skin firming and whitening. It normalizes and promotes blood circulation to boost synergistic effects with other ingredients.

<How to Use>

Use after cleansing face.

Remove mask from package and unfold, pinching the tab of the mask between the fingers of the right hand.
※Serum fluid may spill as you take the mask out of the package.

Place mask over the face, positioning the eye cutouts over the eyes. As you do this, make sure the tab is to the right side of your face. Lightly press the upper part of the mask to stick it to the skin. Pull the lower corner of the mask to stick it to the face at the temple. Do this one side at a time.

Leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Remove the mask and use the palms of your hands to massage the remaining serum into the skin.


Discard the mask once it is used. Never re-use the same mask.
Watch for skin irritation while using this product.
If any of the following symptoms occur, stop using immediately. Continued use of the product may aggravate symptoms. It is recommended you consult a dermatologist:
1. If you experience reddish skin, swelling, itching, stinging sensation, discoloration (vitiligo), darkening of skin, or any other skin problems.
2. If any of the symptoms described above occur on the skin after the product is applied and then exposed to direct sunlight.
Do not use over areas where there is a wound, swelling, rash, or other abnormality.
Rinse immediately if the product gets into the eyes.
No fragrance added, so you may notice the original odor of the ingredients.

Keep out of reach of infants and children.
Do not expose to direct sunlight, or store in areas of extremely low or high temperatures.

Use immediately after opening.

Additional information

Weight 167 g

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