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Refreshing Aroma Shampoo (Herbal Citrus)

Volume / 350ml

Size / approx. H203mm × φ62

(When the pump up)

Material / Bottle : PE, Pump : PP , PE

pH / 8.4 – 9.4


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A soap shampoo, based on HABA’s Squalane Shampoo formula, containing “Tea leaf extract”and“Persimmon tannin extract”in order to lessen sweaty odor in summer and stickiness at scalp. It removes scalp impurities thoroughly with a refreshing feel.
Brisk aroma of Mint, blended with Orange for a refreshing and fruity fragrance, suitable in summer.


Effective for hair care, too. It protects hair and avoids the dryness in the hair caused by moisture evaporation.
Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (Tea Leaf Extract):
Green tea extract with antibacterial and deodorant effects.
Persimmon Tannin Extract:
Tannin, the general name of Polyphenol, works for the deodorant and antioxidant effects.
Mentha Canadensis Extract (Mint):
The extract taken from Mint leaves grown up in Kitami, Hokkaido. It has an antioxidant
effect and a specific refreshing feeling.
Aroma of Mint x Orange:
Brisk aroma of Mint, blended with Orange. Refreshing fragrance, suitable for summer

< How to Use>

After washing hair by hot (lukewarm) water, take shampoo on palms to apply to the whole hair, making a good foam to wash scalp and hair carefully. Then, rinse off well.
Make sure to rinse off cleanly to get rid of the detergent.
When you use the bottle for the first time, hold the bottle neck firmly and turn the nozzle anti-clockwise to let the pump up.
Then, push the pump several times till the content comes out.


Stop using it when you feel any abnormality on scalp.
Rinse off immediately when it goes into eyes.
Product slightly varies in scent or fragrance due to the use of natural aroma oil, but no problem in quality.
The content may become clouded especially in cold temperature due to the original nature of soap shampoo, but no problem in quality.

Discard 1 year after opened

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