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Pore Slim Essence

Volume / 15 g (approx. to be consumed in 4 weeks)

Usage volume / a red-bean size,
(depends on where to apply)

Material / Cap : PP, Tube : HAT (PE, AL)

Size / φ19mm, Length 112mm

pH / 5.3~6.3

Comes in a box


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This is up-graded “SMOOTH SKIN ESSENCE”, which has been released for years as a limited edition and well-received in the past.
This treats widened visible pores by aging. It plumps up the skin by moisturizing. Pore problem caused by aging will be relieved as skin becomes firmed up.
As soon as applied on skin, Amino acid powder evens out the unevenness of skin surface. It reduces the shinning of skin by excess sebum, fits makeup on beautifully and keeps it longer.
Regulates skin turnover to condition corneum so that the skin can be renewed properly.
Watery gel is to be smoothed out easily for a refreshing afterfeel. It tightens open pores.
For the total pore care for adults, with various approaches to make pores less visible.


A new Vitamin C derivative, of high stability and with excellent permeability and moisturizing power. Due to its amphiphilicity and the special emulsion method, we succeeded to emulsify high percentage of oil with this Vitamin C. The effect to enhance skin’s clarity is highly expected.
(This is the same Vitamin C, which we use in “VC SQUA MILK”.)

A Hyaluronic acid derivative with a function similar to Ceramide. Repairs the skin barrier system and therefore skin can keep fine texture and reduce its evaporation of moisture.

It has a high moisturizing potency and is excellent in improving skin barrier function. It promotes the production of Keratinocyte and Hyaluronic acid and enhances water retention property of skin. Its permeability is great, so we can expect the good recovery of damaged pores.

It replenishes Collagen at sagged pores to tighten the pore shapes.

Improves skin barrier function and regulates skin’s turnover. It brightens up the skin tone and avoids clogging of pores and widening of pores.

A new Collagen with a new function of becoming a skin film. It makes a film on skin to avoid evaporation of moisture in order to lead to a plump, elastic and firmed skin.

Strengthens the binding of basal membrane, maintains the skin elasticity level and reduces sagging. Keeps skin turnover healthy and normalizes incomplete keratinization, which would recover barrier function.

An anti-aging agent to condition rough skin. Alleviates skin damages by restoring its barrier function. Effectively rejuvenates skin with excellent penetration..

SILICONE MIX POWDER (EP9289 LL COSMETIC POWDER) (*No.4 & 5 in the list):
Amino acid powder for soft-focus, sebum absorption and texture improvement effects. It reflects light to make pores or dark spots less visible.

<How to Use>

After SQUALANE, take an appropriate amount and gently apply on concerned areas, such as T-zone, cheeks and tin. Adjust the usage amount according to your skin condition.


Stop using immediately if any skin abnormality occurs.

Discard 1 year after opened

Additional information

Weight 26 g