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Moisture Essence Lip Balm

Net Weight/7g


Material/Tube: PE, EVOH lamination layer

Cap: PP


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This limited-time item is our much-loved “MOISTURE ESSENCE GEL” serum for lips. Formulated with lip care ingredients and Japanese and Chinese plant extracts, it provides long-lasting hydration to protect delicate lips.
The volume-boosting ingredients plump your lips, making them resilient while causing vertical lines to vanish. The serum also improves metabolism to brighten the lip tone for a healthier look.
Glides on smoothly without leaving a sticky feel.


Royal jelly:
Contains a variety of nutrients including: Protein; carbohydrate; fat; nine kinds of essential amino acids including leucine and lysine; 12 kinds of amino acids including aspartic acid and glutamic acid; 9 kinds of vitamins including Vitamin B1, pantothenic acid and inositol; and 9 kinds of minerals including iron, copper and magnesium.

Baobab oil:
The baobab tree, native to Madagascar and estimated to be several thousand years old, provides the golden baobab oil.
The oil contains Vitamin A, D, E and F, and essential fatty acids, to make skin resilient and wrinkles less noticeable.

A mixed ingredient comprised of human ceramides 2, 3 and 6, and phytosphingosine. It restores the barrier structure of the lips to protect them against irritation such as air pollution and UV rays.

Amino acid:
Stimulates neogenesis of the many blood capillaries found in the lips, providing effective lip restoration.

Japanese and Chinese plant extract:
(Lithospermum root) Crude drug to treat burns and rough skin. It has been gaining attention as an ageing care ingredient.
(Gambier) Main effective components are catechins and tannin, which have anti-inflammatory and astringent effects.
(Clove) Crude drug which exhibits disinfecting and antiseptic characteristics.

<How to Use>

Gently apply an appropriate amount over the lips. Can be used under lipstick or lip gloss.


Watch for lip irritation while using this product.
If any of the following symptoms occur, stop using immediately. Continued use of the product may aggravate symptoms. It is recommended you consult a dermatologist:
1. If you experience reddish skin, swelling, itching, stinging sensation, discoloration (vitiligo), darkening of skin, or any other skin problems.
2. If any of the symptoms described above occur on the skin after the product is applied and then exposed to direct sunlight.
Do not use over areas where there is a wound, swelling, rash, or other abnormality.
Rinse immediately if the product gets into the eyes.
No fragrance added, so you may notice the original odor of the ingredients.

<Handling and Storage>

Wipe off residue lightly with tissue after use to keep the tube clean.
Replace cap tightly.
Keep out of reach of infants and children.
Do not expose to direct sunlight, or store in areas of extremely low or high temperatures.

Discard 1 year after opened

Additional information

Weight 15 g