Additive-free skincare from Japan

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Mineral Clay Mask

Volume / 120g

Size / 149×64×39mm

p H / 8.5

Material / Tube:PE, Cap:PP

About big cherry size


30 in stock


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Three types of mineral rich clay are blended in this mask. This rinse-off pack thoroughly removes dirt from pores, making the skin smooth and resilient with enhanced clarity.
Brazilian rose clay, which increases elasticity, and Okinawan marine silt, which absorbs dirt contained in pores, are blended with a French white clay base, which is gentle on the skin.
The mild exfoliating action of fermented rose honey removes dead skin cells to brighten the complexion and free it of dullness.
It spreads effortlessly over the skin, leaving a smooth feel.


White clay from France:
White clay is obtained by sun-drying clay dug from the ground in Île-de-France, in the suburbs of Paris. Rich in minerals, including magnesium, calcium, sodium and iron, this is one of the mildest of clays and is frequently used as the base for packs and body powders.

Rose clay form Brazil:
Rose-colored mineral clay is mined from a layer of earth in Brazil. Rose clay is said to contain different types of minerals which promote metabolism and stimulate collagen and elastin production. It makes skin soft and elastic.

Marine silt from Okinawa:
Marine silt is a sea mud that is deposited on the seabed of Okinawa for millions of years before surfacing as a result of ground elevation. Extra fine particles of marine silt penetrate the finest cells of the skin’s surface and adsorb and remove unwanted substances. With its extremely powerful adsorption power, it removes fatty substances of the hair root, dissolved protein, and allergic substances left on skin at the molecular level. In Japan, marine silt has been used for washing hair and mud packs since the Ryukyu Dynasty. Rich in calcium and minerals, it thoroughly nourishes the skin.

Fermented rose honey:
This ingredient uses Bulgarian rose honey, also called “phantom honey,” which can be extracted from roses in only small amounts. Using acetic acid bacteria (gluconobacter) extracted from peach flower, it is naturally fermented. Gluconic acid, prepared by the fermentation of glucose, a natural moisturizing ingredient of honey, facilitates the removal of dead skin cells, exerting a mild exfoliating effect. Exfoliation helps improve a dull complexion and provides enhanced clarity while keeping the skin hydrated by honey’s natural high-moisture-retention qualities. This ingredient also provides an abundance of supplementary minerals for the skin.

Rose placenta:
This extract is derived from the placenta cells of the damask rose grown in Bulgaria. Rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals, rose placenta is said to promote the proliferation of dermal fibroblast and epidermal keratinized cells as well as skin turnover.

Licorice extract:
This extract is derived from the root and stem of licorice, a plant belonging to the legume family. Licorice extract, which contains glycyrrhizinic acid, terpenoid and flavonoid, has been used for detoxication and the alleviation of irritation and known as a Chinese herbal medicine since long ago. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic actions also work toward preventing and combating acne, breakouts and skin roughness.

<How to Use>

Use over dull skin once or twice a week.
After washing your face, wipe off moisture from your face and hands. Take an appropriate amount (sufficient enough to cover the skin) and smooth it over the entire face evenly, avoiding eyebrows, eyes and the mouth area. Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with cool or lukewarm water.
※ Make sure no residue is left unrinsed along the hairline and around the chin.


Stop using in case any skin abnormality occurs.
Keep out of reach of infants and children.
Close the cap firmly after use.
Do not store in a place with extremely high or low temperature. Also, avoid direct sunlight.

Discard 1 year after opened

Additional information

Weight 140 g