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Lift-Up Serum

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An aging care serum for wrinkles and sagging.
Succeeded in long term stabilization of APPRÉCIER, which is an amphiphatic vitamin C derivative, for the first time. Excellent in skin permeability that stimulates the production of collagen deep inside skin to lead resiliency to the skin.
Can achieve the lifting up effect as if entire face had tightened, and bright youthful skin as if taken enough sleep.
Can be used for Ion Care with “Ion My Esthe”.

It is an “amphiphatic vitamin C derivative” which has both structures of oil soluble part (palmitic acid) and water soluble part (sodium phosphate). Excellent in skin permeability, effectively transform to vitamin C, and stimulates collagen production. It gives resiliency to the skin and also can expect the instant lift-up effect that works on improvement of sagging.
However, it is very delicate formulation with low stability and was difficult to use as cosmetic product. HABA had succeeded in its stabilization by original method for the first time in the industry.

<How to Use>

Use 2 times a day. Take about 3 pushes after face washed or cleansed, basically put it to the entire face. If you concern nasolabial fold or fine wrinkles around eyes and mouth, apply it carefully to such areas.

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