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Airy and Glossy Hair Mist (Hair Fresh Mist)

Volume / 120ml

Price / JPY1,200

Size / Bottle approx. φ42mm× H155mm

Material / Top Cap : PP

Dispenser : PP and others

Bottle : PET

Usage volume / appropriate amount

pH / 5.2~6


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With the same moisturizing effect, our standard HAIR FRESH MIST is now available in a new mist form. It tames unruly hair, adding volume and luster.
Moisture in the strands prevents cuticles from peeling and tames unruly hair. It fluffs up hair and prevents flatness.
The mist coats the surface, adding gloss to regain youthful-looking hair free from dryness.
Protects hair against dry conditions, keeping it moisturized for long periods.
A delicate, mild lavender scent.


Yuzu (citrus junos) ceramide:
Prevents cuticles from peeling to restore the smooth surface of the natural strands.

Platinum & hydrolyzed keratin:
Keratin molecules attached around platinum coat dull, damaged hair. Conditions hair to be glossy and smooth, allowing you to run your fingers through hair.

Moisturizes the inside of each strand to keep hair from drying out for long periods.

<How to Use>

Can be used on both wet and dry hair.
Hold the bottle about 15 cm away from your head and lightly spray all over your hair. Blow-dry or style.

– For adding volume to fluff up hair –
1. Spray an adequate amount onto the roots of wet hair where you want to add soft volume.
2. Blow-dry the roots as you hold the hair up.

– For taming unruly hair –
1. Spray an adequate amount onto the tips of dry, untamed hair.
2. Run fingers through hair to style.

* Do not use if you develop skin abnormalities.
* Avoid spraying in the face.

Discard 1 year after opened

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Weight 157 g



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