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G Lotion

An enhanced lotion containing minerals derived from deep seawater and seaweed, with added Sasa Kurilensis water, minerals from a low-striped bamboo found only in Hokkaido . This lotion is made of moisturizing hyaluronic acid and chondroitin. This soothing anti-bacterial formula heals pimples and refines pores to reveal a clearer complexion. It gets absorbed quickly, and leaves a clean and fresh feeling.

Bottle; Inner cap(others) ; Cap : Plastic



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Enhanced moisturiser with deep seawater minerals & moisturizing compounds. This lotion is made of a mildly acidic formula of deep-sea water minerals, moisture-sealing hyaluronic acid & chondroitin to replenish the moisturizing minerals of the skin. G Lotion moisturizes the skin giving it a clean feeling & keeping it young & fresh.

Minerals Derived From Deep Seawater: Minerals extracted from the deep seawater of the Atlantic Ocean and purified. Because they are ionized and water soluble, they easily penetrate the skin, helping to relieve skin fatigue and improve metabolism.

Seaweed: Extracted from brown algae from the Atlantic Ocean and the waters around Central and South America. Seaweed contains amino acids, vitamins, and minerals which all help to refine the skin.

Sasa Kurilensis water: Water derived from a low-striped bamboo, Sasa Kurilensis water is a natural mineral essence. It has moisturizing, antiseptic and sterilizing effects, and is an excellent aid for removing bacteria that exist in the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid and Chondroitin: Hyaluronic acid leaves the skin moisturized, fresh, and healthy because of its moisture-retention ability – 1g of hyaluronic acid can hold as much as 6l of water. When combined with chondroitin, it helps to moisturize the skin even more.

<How To Use>

Cleanse > G-Lotion > Protect

  1. Place about 1 teaspoon of G Lotion on your palm, lightly pat into the skin. For dry skin, repeat several times.
  2. For an intensive moisturizing treatment, soak a cotton pad with G-Lotion and place it on the dry area. Leave the pack on for 5-10 minutes.


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