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Ships to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Taiwan.

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  • Blackhead Deep Cleansing Balm


    Net Weight : 15g Size : Approx.37mm, φ41mm Material : Jar : PET, Cap, Spatula: PP ※Usage Volume: the size…

  • Creamy Bubble Facial Foam


    Net Weight: 280mL Size: L76mm×W76mm×H148mm Material: PET pH:10~11 Suggested amount for each use: 2 or 3 pumps Used for about…

  • Foaming Net


    This foaming net quickly and easily creates a rich lather with any of HABA's facial washes.

  • Micro Force Cleansing

    From: SGD46.00

    A water-based makeup remover suitable for normal oily skin types. Contains micro-sized Squalane with moisturizing ingredients that remove long wearing…

  • Squa Cleansing

    From: SGD46.00

    This luxurious cleanser is enriched with Squalane, Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Extract and Lithospermum Officinale Root Extract. It is formulated to…

  • Squa Facial Foam

    From: SGD15.00

    The smooth, rich lather of this foaming face wash effectively removes dead skin cells, excessive oils and impurities. Contains Squalane…

  • Squa Facial Soap


    Enriched with Squalane, royal jelly extract and soybean seed extract, this soap gently removes dirt and impurities while keeping skin…

  • Squa Powder Wash

    From: SGD33.00

    A refreshing cleanser for normal to oily, acne prone skin. Contains ingredients, such as Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract, to soften…