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  • VC 90 Stick


    A stick-type beauty serum that works directly on affected areas. With 90% vitamin C derivative, it can effectively penetrate deep…

  • VC Lotion


    CNY-FEB 2020 Promotion Check out 1 and receive another 1 FREE, while stocks last! A moisturizing alcohol-free lotion infused with…

  • VC Squa Milk

    From: $30.00

    CNY - FEB 2020 Promotion VC Squa Milk 30ml + 60ml Usual Price: $82 Promo Price: $55 only While stocks…

  • Vitamin 2000 CxB


    A single stick contains 2000mg of vitamin C, which prevents melanin pigmentation on skin and fights against stress. Also formulated…

  • Vitamin 3000 CxB

    $48.00 $31.20

    Contains 3000mg of Vitamin C, P, H and 7 types of vitamin B. Helps to protect skin from harmful UV…

  • Vitamin 500 CxB


    A chewy tablet containing 500mg of vitamin C, vitamin P, H(Biotin), and seven kinds of vitamin B that are all…

  • Vitamin ExA


    Contains 4 natural kinds of vitamin E and vitamin A in a balanced formula. It helps to prevent skin ageing,…

  • White Knight


    This oil-control gel contains vitamin C derivative, coix seed oil and vitamins A and E. This lightweight acne treatment and…

  • Whitening Squalane

    From: $34.00

    Squalane helps to deliver osmotic vitamin C derivative deep into the skin where it actively combats free radicals and melanin…