Masayuki Koyanagi

Masayuki Koyanagi

President : HABA Laboratories, Inc

Maximize the natural healing power of your skin.
“Pursuing true beauty”
That is HABA’s defining theme.

HABA is the acronym for ‘Health Aid Beauty Aid”. which means assisting health and beauty. Slice our establishment, it has been our company name and predomflant theme. Our business policy is to give top priority to ‘safety. adopting a “non-additive mindset”. We have been diligently working on developing safe, high-quaky products, based on our immutable beliefs;

  1. The “non-additive mindset” not including any additives or preservatives in our products which will stimulate the skin.
  2. Adhering to natural substances, ‘those ingredients of the same quaky as the components of the skin”. and
  3. Assisting the natural healing power which we all possess, by providing only the essentials needed by the skin.

Non-additive mindset

HABA products do not contain any harmful ingredients such as paraben, artificial fragrance, mineral oil, chemically synthesized tar colorings. orpetrochemical surfactants that may become a burden to the skin, or cause an allergic reaction.

Tightly controlled with strict sanitary conditions for safe & quality product


Hokkaido’s fresh air and natural envionment provide the perfect setting for manufacturing reliable. quaky products. Its a common view within the cosmetic industry that it is extremely difficult to develop products without resorting to the use of preservatives that irritate the skin, such as paraben. HABA has finally succeeded in developing its own unique formula for these products, using kigredients with antibacterial properties that are gentle to skin. In our factory, a tightly controlled production environment with strict sanitary conditions based on techniques used in the pharmaceutical industry, we have estabished rigorous quality standards for our finished products. There is a rich and beautiful natural environment surrounding the HABA Factory which is recognized by neighbors as a “Garden Factory”. Containing a well-staffed nursery and spacious dining room, the factory provides a comfortable, stress-free working environment for employees, which enhances product quaky and safety.

HABA brand story
Secret behind our brand story